EPMI, a Bayside Company Hosts 2012 Mayor’s Toy Drive

Source: News Release – EPMI, a Bayside Company

November 27, 2012 by Tricia Kelley

EPMI, a Bayside Company and MORH One Will Host 2012 Mayor’s Toy Drive.

Myle’s Waits To Visit With Santa

OAKLAND, CA – December 12, 2012 – Christmas will be brought to West Oakland this year, as EPMI, a Bayside Company preps the site at MORH One to host the 2012 Mayor’s Toy Drive Distribution. Marcus Montague, Resident Services Coordinator at MORH One, and his staff have obtained close to 500 sign-ups from children and their families who will be participating in this spectacular event! Toys have been donated by many Oakland residents, charitable organizations and companies over the last several weeks, and will be passed out on Saturday, December 22nd from 1:00pm to 3:00pm at the MORH One Community Center, located at 741 Filbert Street in Oakland. Mayor Jean Quan will be on-site to help distribute the toys to the children, and EPMI will provide refreshments.

MORH One is a 126 unit apartment community for low income families, owned by Bayside Communities and managed by EPMI, a Bayside Company. Throughout the year, Marcus Montague, Resident Services Coordinator at MORH One, and his team have partnered with many local organizations to bring many resources to the residents at MORH One and the surrounding West Oakland community. “Our resident services department at EPMI is one that extends opportunities, not just to our own residents, but to all. We encourage the entire surrounding community to participate in our various programs” said Jie Dong, Resident Services Director at EPMI, a Bayside Company.

EPMI, a Bayside Company goes above and beyond the regular duty of providing quality property management services. We have our own resident services department which has one main goal: to reach out to members of the community, help them identify and locate opportunities for upward mobility, cultivate their skills, boost their confidence, and to enhance their life skills. Our team of on-site Resident Services Coordinators work hard to build strategic partnerships with outside organizations to bring many services and programs to our residents for free. The various programs provided fall under four main categories: educational enrichment opportunities, community building events, health and wellness opportunities and educational classes.

EPMI, a Bayside Company has brought many resources to the West Oakland community throughout the year, and has been involved in the following: 1. Sponsored over fifty children to attend local A’s games. 2. Regularly participated in monthly NCPC meeting on neighborhood crime prevention. 3. Partnered with Cycle for Change to conduct bike safety awareness workshops where many free bicycles were been donated to the children of MORH One. 4. Partnered with the food bank to distribute holiday food baskets, and emergency food baskets throughout the year. 5. Partnered with USDA to host the National Lunch Program where free lunches were provided to MORH One residents and the surrounding community during the summer months. 6. Sponsored and hosted barbeques and holiday events at MORH One. 7. Conducted afterschool programs for residents and the surrounding community during the school year. This is just a small sample of what EPMI, a Bayside Company has brought to the West Oakland community.

About EPMI, a Bayside Company:

Founded in 1984, EPMI is a highly regarded, customer service driven property management firm, providing superior services to our clients and residents for over three decades. Our diverse portfolio consists of high ‐density, mixed‐use rentals, garden style apartments with family focused amenities, supportive housing projects and senior‐oriented communities.

EPMI is a dynamic full service property management firm, presently managing close to 7,000 multi‐family units and over 60,000 square‐ feet of commercial space, with locations throughout California, Nevada, Oregon, Texas and Washington. We are experts in the management of low income affordable and subsidized housing, with certified managers for all types of government assisted and market rate properties.

Source: News Release – EPMI, a Bayside Company – Mayor’s Toy Drive News Release (PDF)

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