EPMI Mission

Positive People… Doing Positive Things

  • Recruit and hire talented, smart, driven, committed and optimistic people
  • Let the creative capacity of each associate evolve by encouraging innovation and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Contribute to the communities in which we invest, live and work
  • Provide the resources, training and educational programs to promote
    personal and professional growth
  • Our product is service
  • Recognize and reward the talents, efforts and hard work of all associates
  • Exceeding the expectations of the customer is the key to our success
  • Foster and promote open lines of communication
  • Maintain integrity by doing what is best, fair and honest
  • Creatively working together and supporting each other to achieve a
    common goal
  • Clearly state attainable goals and objectives for each associate

Attaining a company-wide level of excellence leads inevitably to a more
enjoyable life – both at work and outside of work.

It is our desire that each employee will embrace this mission with cooperation,
enthusiasm and pride in EPMI, while also keeping our core values in mind.

  • EPMI Mission