EPMI Values

If we imagine how we can best apply ourselves every day, we will remember the values that build a strong Bayside Communities.

Integrity First

It is a healthy dose of old-fashioned integrity that has kept us in business all these years. We also believe in making a living by doing the right thing–and we have a long history of doing exactly that. We create homes for all kinds of people out of a deeply felt belief that it’s simply the right thing to do.

Make a Difference

Our marketplace requires that we work smart, be nimble and use resourcefulness to get the job done. After all, we have a lot of people for which to provide housing!

Aim High & Have Heart

Our work is so much more fun when we go all out, reach our full potential and cheer co-workers along to reach theirs. We are pleased with our accomplishments, but they only inspire us to do more. We take educated risks and have big goals. We have the courage and spirit to change communities – and on many days, that’s really what it takes.

Go Green

We are working to improve communities at an environmental level. Every department takes actions that contribute to the stewardship of the environment.

Invest in Each Other

Think teamwork 101. Being on an EPMI team means supporting and sharing with each other to create a greater good. Without a committed and sharing culture, everyone loses – most importantly our customers.


We think community whether we are planning a new development or cleaning up after ourselves in the coffee room. We look out for each other, which is good practice for serving our customers. We treasure diversity of people, ideas, and opinions. Our team can only accomplish the kinds of things that we do with a deep level of respect, trust, and openness among one another.

Expand Your Thinking

We realize that we are part of something larger than ourselves. Each of us knows our actions have a ripple effect. In fact, we are counting on that so we can make a big difference out there.